Do you feel blocked or numb emotionally, financially or sexually? Do you feel shame, guilt or frustration for not being able to embrace life fully and go for what you want? Do you feel trapped in a place of scarcity and fear?

Hi, my name is David Mears. I am a Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Sex Educator. I'm here to help YOU.

Unlock Emotional, Sexual, Financial Freedom and change your life TODAY... with Hypnotherapy!

celebrity hypnotherapist and coach david mears
celebrity hypnotherapist and coach david mears



Overcome your blocks and limiting patterns and access Emotional & Sexual Freedom TODAY!

1:1 Coaching

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Live Events



"My husband and I had a wonderful weekend together straight after the session. I felt closer to him than usual and connected. I think it was highly effective and a loving way of sharing with one another, focusing on the positives of our relationship and of one another which was a beautiful focus point- and everything else didn't matter."

- Raquel Stenberg (from Mamma Wellbeing)

"I didn't know what to expect, but David surpassed everything I could have hoped to experience. He is a master of his craft and will unlock corners of your subconscious you didn't know you had. It is a wonderful feeling to know myself on a deeper level. My intention was to let go of a few things - and I've had a weight off my shoulders ever since. It only took one session - forever changed. Do yourself a favour and give yourself the biggest gift - try this out. Thank you special David.”

- Kerry Opperman (from Google)

"David's way of holding space while you go on an inward journey with yourself is something truly special. He has a way of making you access and reach deep places within yourself that are indescribable with words only. Trough his guidance I have been able to see and feel aspect of myself with complete new lenses."

- Natalin Yilmaz (from Google)

"I can highly recommend David and have immense respect for his clarity, wisdom and skill. He is very professional and respectful and if you should decide to work with him he will foster deep transformations from within. You will leave his care, feeling like a new person or session by session more and more like yourself. I trust him 100%. Thank you David for being such an amazing healer and guide."

- Katrin Fress (from Google)

Most of my testimonials are on my IG page.